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Early Days

Picking up my Parents first Caravan a Sprite Musketeer from
Cardiff Caravans in 1964. We had been tenting for a few years previously. 

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Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site 1965. This was the original Site on North Parade. The car was a Mk1 Cortina Estate with the optional 1600cc engine and stiffer springs.

Whitley Bay CC Site 1965

Dover Docks, June 1966, waiting to board the Ferry for our first Continental trip. Our Car was now an Austin 1800.
Always a family joke, my father was off looking for someone to 'check the Gas Bottles' We had been told to do  this by the Caravan Club, to say he met blank faces was an understatement, he never did this again! An interesting collection of Vans in the queue.

My Mum and Dad toasting our arrival in St Peter's Square, Rome.
I bet you are not allowed to park there now!


Parents new Van, Eccles Topaz, at home after picking up from Cardiff Caravans 1970.


Site in Oxford, 1970 Car has a Retrovisor fitted and extension arms to the wing mirrors.
The Retrovisor was a reverse Periscope that allowed you to have see through rear vision through the Van windows.

It was held on by suckers to the roof with a steadying arm to the windscreen. B***er to adjust and get clearance for the windscreen wipers. Always worried it would fly off as there were reports it had. But marvellous especially Abroad if you persevered.


Somewhere 1981. Parents now have a Range Rover and Award 12/2 Caravan. My Brother had a (Tabbert)? Caravan, unusual in Britain at the time,  towed by his TR7, you can just see he had fitted a 'WindSlammer' wind deflector to the roof of his car!

Worked well on my Cortina Estate car of the time because you could mount it to the rear of the roof where it worked well. How it worked on a TR7 I don't know.


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