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2012 Sites

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Wenvoe (3)
Slimbridge (3)
Chipping Sodbury CL (2)
Exeter CC Site (5)
Plough Lane, Chippenham (4)  May Welsh Locomotive Rally at the CMES Cardiff (3) June
Alresford (4)
Hereford (3)
Wenvoe (3)
Plough Lane, Chippenham (9)  August New Alresford
(7) August
BOCC Castle Combe
(2) September
BOCC Works Rally
(2) September
Newport CC Site
(3) Nov/Dec
  Total    53 nights  


Plough Lane Caravan Site near Chippenham, May 2012



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Wenvoe CL

Well, we are just back from our first outing of the season. We always go for a couple of nights to a local CL to sort the van out for the new season. We left the storage at 1200 and it’s only half an hour to the Site. First thoughts were about the state of the caravan battery as we had not used the outfit since last November and we have a tracker alarm fitted which was going to be running the battery down. We hoped the trip would put enough back into the battery as our favourite pitches at the CL need the mover to manoeuvre the van into position. On arrival at the CL the first thing we saw was that there were already two outfits there, but fortunately not in our favourite pitch. Manoeuvred the van as much as possible into position with the car and engaged the mover. Fortunately we were able to get it into position, including lining up the Al-Ko wheel lock, without any problems or the battery giving out.

Once levelled and the steadies down the most important thing was to get the Electric hook-up connected and the heating on. It was the coldest we had ever found the van when using it for a trip. The previous night it had been down to -4C and the gauge showed the inside temperature to be 3C and didn’t it feel like it. The big difference was that the whole fabric of the van was this cold, not just the air. We set up the Alde heating on the 3Kw electric setting and decided to pop off and do some food shopping (including a visit to M&S which just happens to be the nearest shop to the Site. You can see why my wife loves this CL!!) We got back to the caravan about 90min later. What a transformation, the temperature gauge was now showing 18C and the whole van had started to feel warm. This is our first winter with a van with Alde heating and to say we are converts is an understatement. We have been away many times in the winter with other vans and blown air heating and always found them warm enough. But, the way the whole fabric warms with the Alde is totally different. Within another hour the heating had settled down to the 21C we set it to and from then on spent the next few days in comfortable temperatures. Overnight I set the temperature to 15C and it stayed there no matter how the external temperature changed. Both nights it got down to the -4/5C but the interior of the van was fine.

We had a great couple of days ‘chilling-out’ in the van getting everything sorted for the season. We had remembered most things apart from washing up sponges and the like. We compiled a short list of problems with the van to be sorted out in a couple of months at its first service. We had no problem with the water system or the toilet as we had made sure to empty them when we last used the van in November and when we packed away this time again ensured a full drain down.

Well here’s to the season ahead. We have 72 nights booked so far this year so the van will get well used.



Second outing of the year, Tudor Caravan Park, Slimbridge.

Well it’s late February and off with our friends and their two outfits to Slimbridge for three nights. The Site is behind the Tudor Arms Pub

and has had recent upgrades to its facilities, a new Reception and new Toilet block. It’s easily reached just about an hour and 50 miles from Cardiff. The last mile or so is on rather narrow roads but plenty of places to pass. We had booked to go in the ‘Orchard’ and had three very good pitches together (13,14 and 15) The Orchard is a small area with about 15 pitches and is well sheltered by trees and hedges.

There is a toilet block in the area but it is rather ’tired’ and could do with an up-grade, but there are good toilet emptying and water facilities as well as dish washing sinks.

The rest of the Site is a large field which borders the Ship Canal. Plenty of hard standing pitches and a new, very well appointed, Toilet/Service block. Nice area but rather more exposed to the winds.

At the entrance to the site is a swing bridge over the Gloucester and Sharpness Ship Canal, with good walks along it.

There is also a little shop and Café and most importantly a Pub! Although rather pricey it is very nice and has lots of areas. We settled in the ‘Hay Loft’ and had a very pleasant couple of hours.

The weather was fantastic for this time of the year and continued to be so over the next three days. Who would have thought that we would be sitting out for most of the time we were there and enjoyed two breakfast BBQ’s outside.


3rd outing Chipping Sodbury CL

5th April and off to Chipping Sodbury for the Unicorns first service and warrantee work. Left the Storage at 0700 and arrived CS Caravans at 0820. Chippenham for breakfast

Wetherspoon's Eggs Benedict

and 'shopping'. Morrison for food and picked van up at 1430 and arrived at CL 1450 after slight diversion. Nice CL and very convenient. Sloping pitch but able to pitch cross-wise so fine.

Nice views with horses and sheep in the Paddock and views to the hills.

Small toilet and shower block with water and waste disposal.

Cold overnight -2C but lovely and warm in the van with our Alde heating on the timer. Clear skies and white crisp start to the morning, yes we were up early!

Visited CS Caravans to look at new additions, nice quiet day and evening.

 Departed Saturday after leisurely breakfast and pack-up about 1115.

ExeterRace Course, CC Site April 2012

So, we booked the CC Site at Exeter for 5 nights after Easter to visit Devon which we hadn’t been to for a few years. Previously we had stayed near Starcross, Dawlish at a commercial site which we always enjoyed, but decided to try the CC Site at Exeter for a change and because it was cheaper! When we arrived, we found out that on the Tuesday there was Racing on the Course! Well, we had never been to a race meeting before, so we looked forward to it. The Wardens told us that on the day, we could leave the site and return even though the racing was taking place, but might have to wait 20 min to cross the track.

Tuesday morning we had a walk down the course to look at the jumps and then we saw the huge TV Screen arctic lorry start to extend the gigantic TV screen

Screen over the Toilet Block!!

and the people setting up the TV cameras to cover the races. We had been told the day before by the Assistant Warden that we would be able to get a finish post view

and see the big screen TV showing the race from in front of the Laundry Room/race control tower

and get as good a view as those in the Grand Stand who were paying at least £20 for the privilege!

view from Laundry/Information room window!!

Unfortunately, the weather changed and we had very heavy showers at lunch time, so it was poring down at the start of the races, but that didn't spoil our great 'Day Out'

view from Caravan window!


Alresford, The Spinney Camp Site, June 2012.

Wednesday PM off to Alresford for the Vintage Train Show. Arrived about 1730 and greeted by our friends who had travelled down the day before. Pitched and put up our green awning.

Before joining our friends for dinner in the beautiful evening sunshine!


on Thursday we visited the Watercress Line and travelled on the train.


The evening was our turn for dinner, but, it was raining and windy by then.



Saturday at the Show!

Saturday evening meal

The Green Awning!


and the Site