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Tyre blow out on Bailey Ranger 510/4, French Motorway 2004




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To do the repairs I used Marine ply-wood and fixed it with Sikaflex and screws to pull the joints close. I used the ply above and below the holes, I then filled the gap with expanding foam. The inner wheel arch and outer plastic trim were ordered from our Bailey dealer and cost nearly £100!!



Tyres: Caravan Club advice

"As a general rule (and following guidance issued by the tyre makers trade body, the British Tyre Manufacturers Association, it is advised that caravan tyres should ideally be replaced when 5 years old, and should never be used when more than 7 years old. This advice is borne out by the Club's own research into caravan tyre failures, which confirms that the likelihood of a tyre problem increases after such age. Our research further suggests that tyres which need a high inflation pressure (say 50psi or more) require greater care still. Such tyres should be closely examined for signs of deterioration from 3 years old, and it would be strongly advised not to use them beyond 5 years old."

Tyres: How old are mine?

The chronological age of any tyre can be found on the tyre sidewall by examining the characters following the symbol "DOT". For tyres manufactured after the year 1999, the last four numbers identify the date of manufacture of the tyre to the nearest week. The first two of these four numbers identify the week of manufacture (which range from "01" to "52"). The last two numbers identify the year of manufacture

(e.g., a tyre with the information "DOT XXXXXX2703” was manufactured in the 27th week of 2003).


Caravan Tyre Guide

Tyre Safety Information