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Gas for Caravans

There are two basic types of gas available, Propane and Butane. If you caravan in the winter or colder weather you will need Propane as it works to a low temperature where as Butane starts to 'give up' below 6C. Cylinders are normally described by the weight of gas they contain when full. Butane cylinders hold more gas for the same size, ie external dimension.

There are different materials for the containers. The 'old' steel containers are the heaviest for example, Calor Propane and Butane.

Calor have now introduced a light weight steel container called 'Calor Lite'

BP now MacGas use a lightweight bottle and a translucent design – making the gas level visible.

Calor Gas Bottles, only available in the UK

Propane 6 kg     Calor Lite 6 kg     Butane 7 kg

     BP now MacGas Propane Gas Bottles, available in the UK

5 kg                 10kg


Camping Gaz 907, available Europe wide

Butane, largest bottle holds 2.7 kg


Regulator/Adaptor fitment

Bottle Fitment Regulator Adaptor
Calor Propane 6 kg  Screw thread
Calor Butane 7 kg 21mm Clip-on  
Calor Lite Propane 6 kg Screw thread
BP 5 and 10 kg 27mm Clip-on
Camping Gaz Screw on



Truma 30mbar Bulkhead Regulator

This type of regulator is fitted as standard to modern British Manufactured caravans.
You may need an adaptor to fit onto the Gas Bottle and a connecting pigtail hose.
Adaptor to regulator pigtail               Calor Propane  pigtail

click on photos for larger image

I use 10kg and 5kg BP now MacGas lightweight bottles of Propane gas

The Bailey Senator has an automatic changeover valve and Truma regulator. The inlets have a right angle adaptor so that the connecting hoses fall away from the regulator supposedly to stop contaminating substances from entering the regulator and blocking it, a well known problem.

My latest van a Bailey Unicorn uses a Clesse regulator
which is reported as being much less susceptible to blocking

It is seen here with a 10Kg MacGas gas bottle and a stainless steel pigtail,
this set up should avoid the 'oil blocking' problems


External Gas Point on my Bailey Unicorn (bayonet fix) 


French Antargaz

Butane 10 kg

I visit the continent most years so have bought a French gas bottle and refill it every year as it is very cheap compared to gas prices here and is see-through so you can see how much is left.

Antargaz, Calypso lightweight bottle, available from many French Supermarkets.

The refill of 10 kg costs 22.70 Euros (£19.58 at 26-02-13) and 10 Euros deposit. The 20mm 28 mbar regulator is free with the first purchase and can be used say on a BBQ.
You will need to buy a 20mm clip on adaptor (before you go) if you have a bulkhead regulator.