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some photos of our first trip on the Shuttle
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Our first view of check in! Not as bad as I was expecting
Head for a lane with a Green Arrow. The lights above indicate which side the check in machine is located
On reaching the check in machine and pressing 'book in' on the large touch screen it came up with our booking immediately (due to number plate recognition!) We arrived just over an hour before the booked time and were offered the earlier Shuttle 30 min before ours at no extra cost. We accepted this and it printed out a boarding label/hanger with a Boarding letter, in our case it was Z. We then proceeded to the waiting car park near the terminal/shops. Well sign posted for caravans and plenty of suitable parking.
At the car park and in the terminals are large screens with details of boarding times, just follow the instructions for your letter. We had plenty of time to go into the terminal and especially in Calais it had a good selection of wines at good prices and of course most importantly toilets!
When called forward for boarding, you proceed to another check-in, where they inspect the Gas bottles, to ensure they are switched off and allocate you to a queuing lane, where there are again toilets.
Then its off to the train!
This is the part that I and most first time users worry about, no matter how much reassurance given before about how easy it is. Well, it is easy, take it slow and remember you can steer over to the far side and straighten quite easily without cutting the corners.
Then ahead of you is the length of the train and you move forward to your carriage. Don't follow the vehicle in front too closely as you need to ensure that you can fit into the carriage without straddling between them. This is easy, wait to be called forward by the train marshal who will position you. On both occasions we were first in a coach.
There are doors at the end of each coach which close and then shutters come down. There are passenger doors either side which can be opened by pressing a release button.
Although it feels a bit narrow there is plenty of room. The only strange thing we found was that when it moved off the motion was like a train but you were sitting in a car!
Well, before you know it, we were there and being called off. Very easy and considering when we used it there were gales in the Chanel much more comfortable and no delay.