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Corelle crockery
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We have used many types of crockery in the van over many years. Various quality of Melamine including some expensive ones, but, they have all deteriorated over time, fading or getting stained or scratched. So recently at the NEC show we went to look at the Corelle stand to see what many on the Forums were talking about. Blimey, talk about expensive! However, the more we looked the more impressed we were especially as there was a Show Discount of 20%, still very expensive but getting better. The anti chip/breakage demo eventually convinced us and we bought an 18 piece set of 6 of each Dinner plate/tea plate/bowls. We didn't buy any of the mugs as they are made of a ceramic/pottery material and in our opinion didn't match the quality of the plates etc.

Well, as they say the proof is in the eating, and it is. We are delighted with them and they do keep the food warmer especially as you can pre warm in the oven if required. Also the ability to use in the microwave to warm food is another very useful thing. Our friends who have now used ours and are interested in getting some but are waiting for a show and the 20% offer. The full range can be seen at World Kitchens (no connection to us)
This is the pattern we bought, City Block

Manufacturers 'blurb'

Corelle is the unique Tableware that was introduced in the USA in 1970, and quickly became one of America’s leading brands of everyday dinnerware sets. Corelle’s popularity has since grown worldwide because it offers a unique combination of good looks and durability, and due to it's resistance to breaking it is especially appealing in busy households with children.

Corelle’s durability is due to its unique sandwich construction which bonds together three layers of a unique glass material called Vitrelle. Only Corelle dinnerware is made of this amazing material that results in a lightweight dinnerware set that resists breaking, cracking, chipping, and permanent staining.

Corelle crockery is also designed for easy handling and compact storage. For kitchens with limited storage, it nests neatly and efficiently. It can also be used to reheat food in the microwave and oven and is dishwasher proof.