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Caravan Safety

This is a big important issue, here are some of the things I do and carry.

Remember in case of any fire EVACUATE the caravan and Awning ASAP..........You should only tackle the fire if its safe/small enough to do so and that everyone is out of the van, OR, you need to tackle the fire to get out.

The following is a 'to do' list from the Fire Service.
  • Get everyone out quickly
  • Take fire extinguishers outside with you
  • Call the fire service
  • Only tackle the fire if it's safe to do so
  • Seal off vents and hatches to reduce air getting in
  • If possible, isolate petrol and gas
  • Never go back into the caravan

Fire Extinguisher
I have mounted a fire extinguisher just inside the door on a seat side panel upright at floor level. Why floor level? Well the weight of it is carried by the floor so the fixings just hold it in position. It is accessible from inside, but in many ways more importantly from outside so I can get to it quickly say for a BBQ problem or to help others.

I have one like this:

It is a 1Kg dry powder one and is easily found in Car accessory shops, DIY stores etc. Read the instructions to see what it covers and how to use it.

Fire Blanket
I have one like this

A fire blanket is another item of safety equipment I carry. It can be used to smother fires especially fat fires, BBQ or frying pan for instance.
Again read the instructions for what it does and how to use it. Carry it somewhere easily got at.

Fire Alarm

This should/must be a standard fitment.
Remember to test it regularly.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

A Carbon Monoxide Detector is now a compulsory fitment to 2012 model year caravans and onward. Whilst Smoke Alarms have been fitted for many years, this in now required and hence must be a sensible addition to previous year model caravans. It is important where you mount it, so yet again read the instructions.

First Aid Kit

I always carry a First Aid kit in the caravan and the car, you never know when you might need it.

Ellisfield from Caravan Talk Forum comments:
"When arriving at a site making sure you know where the fire point is and what is there. All sites should have them but what you find there can be vastly different.
And ensuring all in your party are aware of the fire point and are able to raise the alarm. Kids like to explore sites and could just be asked to find the fire point and report back what is there."