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Cadac Carri Chef Deluxe2009

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The 2009 version has a new BBQ Enamelled surface rather than the wire rack of previous ones.


Assembly instructions.

The instruction Manual lets down the device and it is hard for beginners to work out which pieces to use for which cooking surface. The pictures below should help




What goes where!


BBQ                            Paella Pan                       Skottel


Paella Pan
Recently we have tried the Paella Pan to cook breakfast and do 'BBQs' rather than the BBQ and Griddle attachments. We have had excellent results and intend to continue just using the Paella Pan which is very easy to clean. This saves a lot of weight and space and cuts down on the clutter. It means we only need to take the legs, burner bowl and Paella pan.


The Cadac is used either from the External Gas Point on the caravan, using a 4 Metre hose or from a gas bottle with the appropriate regulator. I have a short length of hose, about 12" fitted to the Cadac and use an in-line connector to connect either to the van hose or the bottle hose. This can be seen on the above photos. I use jubilee clips at each connection.



We do 'proper' BBQ's as well!