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2014 Bailey Factory Visit

by members of the Bailey Owners Caravan Club (BOCC)

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The side, roof panel and floor production line. Showing the construction and materials used. Note the different GRP used for the shower area. The model being built through out our visit was the S3 Madrid
The Yard with components ready to be used and the stores where we were demonstrated large item handling. The stores completely changes its stock every ten days.
The floor unit with the new under slung battery compartment 
 the wind down spare wheel system  
Chassis and wheel area. where the chassis is put together and mated with the floor and wheels 
Starting to add the pre-assembled furniture units
Still a wooden floor   
The new locker area   
New locker area with tray   
Single piece roof and front panel being added and curved 
The new rear bumper elements 
The finishing line 
furniture machine shop 
The recently added PDI Inspection line. This is new this year and a great deal of attention is being placed on improving the completed caravans
One of the check lists used   
We then had a chance to see four of the new Unicorn 3 models and pick up some bits and pieces. 
I must say that the Bailey management and staff went out of their way to show us round and answer questions. They were very honest with us and answered all of the questions asked. In all there were about 350 visitors and the tours took most of the day. Thanks' to all of them for this opportunity to see the new Unicorn S3 being manufactured

The Works Rally