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2012 Bailey Factory Visit

by members of the Bailey Owners Caravan Club (BOCC)

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Bailey's Marketing Director, Simon Howard, welcomed us and gave an introduction to the day and background on Bailey Caravans the company history and present production.
The side and roof panel production line. Showing the construction and materials used. Note the different GRP used for the shower area. The model being built through out our visit was the S2 SAVILLE
The panels after the apertures have been cut out. The familiar nut retaining components as seen in all Alu-tech construction.
The completed side panels move on to the next stage.
The Yard with components ready to be used and the stores where we were demonstrated large item handling. The stores completely changes its stock every ten days.
The construction of the floor panel
and the new wind down spare wheel system
Spare wheel mounting modules
The chassis and axle assembly with the Michelin tyres and balanced wheels.
The floor is fixed to the chassis
The new style construction floor for the two front lockers
The bulkhead is added
Innards of the front lockers and chest units
The new slatted front seating and bed bunks pull out assembly is added.
and the separately assembled furniture units placed in position
and the sides and back panels added.
The roof and front panel is then positioned and attached
with the new front window assembly
all the bits and pieces are then added
including the new LED ceiling assembly
and transfers before the new complete caravan is ready
The furniture making building with all the panels being cut out.
The Bailey factories' unique water testing plant.
I must say that the Bailey management and staff went out of their way to show us round and answer questions. They were very honest with us and answered all of the questions asked. In all there were about 350 visitors and the tours took most of the day. Thanks' to all of them for this opportunity to see the new Unicorn S2 being manufactured


and this is what we ordered, after our factory tour, to replace our Valencia


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