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Our Awnings
Lightweight Awnings
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Full Dorema Awning Dorema Awning as canopy Dorema Awning with tall Annexe
Annexe inner tent Dorema Awning with short Annexe
Dorema Capri Canopy The Dorema Canopy can be fixed onto the full awning to be used as an extension Dorema Porch/Storm Awning, never used now
Suncamp Ultima 390 porch Awning Latest Awning
StarCamp Magnum 390 (Dorema)
This is how to do it Grandad!
Pegging out the Awning!  I use these, as well as the Grandchildren!


Like many others I have had a few drills to wind the steadies and screw in the pegs,  but the batteries have eventually failed to keep a good charge. So, a couple of years ago I bit the bullet and looked round for an 18v drill with two Li-ion batteries. I went to our local large B&Q and found on offer a Hitachi drill with two Li-ion batteries for £89, brilliant. The main thing I would say is, go for a named maker. One with a torque setting control. Definitely Li-ion batteries as they hold charge and don't have a 'memory'. Get one with two batteries, we use our drill for the screw pegs on a large awning. Expect to pay between £89-99 in the long run it is worth it.


Stormy Weather

Lovely site but very exposed to the wind, hence full tie down!

I use a standard guy rope and Rubber Anchor Guys. This helps to stop the fabric flapping and obviously provide more resistance to the wind. The rubber guys provide the elasticity required to help the Awning 'give' slightly in the wind. The rubber guys are left on the Awning all the time making it an easy and quick job to fit the guy rope when necessary.

Rubber Anchor Guys


Our latest awning is a Dorema Exclusive which we find great.
This is it at our Seasonal Pitch in 2010.
We went for the fibre poles with this one.