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Bailey Unicorn Barcelona
additions, May 2014
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After the BOCC visit we stayed on a few days to have some modifications and additions to the Alde system in our caravan
So there we were bright and breezy just before 0900 at the Alde Depot
The main modification/addition we had done, was the installation of a panel radiator on the back wall in the toilet area. One of the main complaints about the Series 2 Unicorns was that Bailey had not increased the heating output in  the bathroom area from the Series 1 and most people felt that the bathroom was cold compared with the main area in the van.
The larger, 150W, panel radiator fits neatly on the back wall
The anti-freeze installed by Bailey from new was only the 2 year life one and even though our van was only 18 months old I decided to have the system flushed out and the 5 year life anti-freeze, recommended by Alde, installed whilst we were having the radiator fitted.
After discussions during our tour and recommendations from other BOCC members, we decided to have fitted the Alde Load Monitor and the Battery Back-up Adaptor.
Alde Load Monitor
At one end is a clamp meter, that fastens around the 230 V live wire at the vehicle's mains input. The other end plugs into the control panel. Now you can set the max 230 V current the vehicle is allowed to draw. If this is exceeded, the boiler will automatically and immediately power down the electric heating so that the supply doesn't trip.
Alde Direct Battery Backup Adaptor
This adaptor allows you to wire the digital control panel directly to the 12 V battery, so you don't lose bottom row programming when the 12 V master switch is turned off.

Alde System